Charles Ramsey, the man who helped rescue the Cleveland captives, is now immortalized in a tattoo.

Local tattoo artist Rodney Rose told Cleveland TV station WJW he was so impressed by Ramsey's recent heroics, that he offered a free tattoo of Ramsey's face to the first bidder.

"He’s kind of like that public figure in Cleveland right now, kind of the voice and face of it," Rose, a tattoo artist at 252 Tattoo, told WJW. "He’s such an expressive guy, I figured it’d make a great tattoo."

A fellow tattoo artist by the name of Stephen Munhollon took him up on his offer.

He now has Ramsey's face inked on the back of his right calf after a five-hour session in Rose's studio.

Munhollon told WJW he's already gotten stopped several times because of the tattoo. Some people have even asked to get their pictures taken with it.

"It goes to show there are good people out there from all walks of life, from all corners of the city," he said.