Man Hopes TV Show Can Help Solve Cold Case Murder

POST FALLS, Idaho - Charles Loesch is hoping the national spotlight will help find answers to his father's murder in 1995 and help find his missing nephew.

Gary and Barbara Loesch were murdered in the 1990s and police say their daughter, Tina, was involved. Tina's son Kristopher remains missing.

On Friday Gary and Barbara Loesch's son Charlies spoke to the Discovery Channel for a show called Deadly Sin. He hopes by speaking out it will shake things up and someone will step forward with information.

"Who exactly was part of ? responsible for my father's death and where is Kristopher," Charles asked. These are the questions that have plagued him for years.

His father Gary was shot in his car on his paper route in 1995. Two years later, his mother Barbara was found dead after someone knocked a television into her hot tub. Police say the electrocution knocked her unconscious and then she was held under water.

But the horror wasn't over. Bradley Steckman, while in custody for another murder, admitted he was involved in killing Barbara Loesch, and implicated others, including Charles' sister Tina.

"During the investigation, Bradley had told us Tina and Skye were involved in this murder," Post Falls Police Detective Paul Farina said.

At the time Skye was Tina's partner, and police say the motive behind Barbara's death was money.

"I wouldn't believe anybody would go through these drastic steps to get hands on money," Charles said.

The case reached America's Most Wanted, and after Tina and Skye's faces were broadcast they took their lives in a murder-suicide.

"Three hours after the case was aired on America's Most Wanted they were found dead in the desert of Tucson, Arizona," Detective Farina said.

But Tina's son, Kristopher, was last seen in Arizona when he was 12. He would be around 21-years-old now.

"We have scoured the Earth for him and have not found any leads to where he may be," Farina said.

Loesch is hoping by speaking out to the Discovery Channel now someone will step forward with information to help put together the final moments of his father's life and what happened to his nephew.

"It would be a big sigh of relief to find out exactly what happened," he said.

Gary Loesch's case is still an open investigation with the Kootenai County Sheriff's Department. The episode of Deadly Sin featuring the Loesch case is expected to air early next year.