Man arrested for assaulting infant daughter

Two-month old daughter not expected to survive injuries

SPOKANE - A Spokane man has been arrested on charges that he physically assaulted his two-month-old daughter.

Tyler Jamison was arrested Wednesday night and booked into the Spokane County Jail for 1st Degree Assault. His arrest comes two days after police were called to a local hospital to investigate the assault of his two-month old baby girl. The child is not expected to survive her injuries.

According to court documents, Jamison and his girlfriend had a baby girl named Skyelynn on February 8th. On the morning of April 5th, Skyelynn's mother changed the baby's diaper and saw nothing unusual. Jamison drove her to school and when he picked her up a few hours later, told her the baby wasn't acting normally. They took Skylynn to Holy Family Hospital and she was found to be in medical distress. She was transferred to Sacred Heart.

Doctors at Sacred Heart examined Skyelynn and found bruising on her jaw, chest, back and groin. She also has multiple broken ribs in various stages of healing, suggesting the ribs were broken at different times. Doctors also found a large subdural hematoma, which is a collection of blood at the surface of the brain. Tuesday, Skyelynn was placed on a ventilator. According to court records, her pupils are fixed and dilated and her brain scan shows no activity.

Monday, Tyler Jamison agreed to a voluntary interview with Spokane Police. He told Spokane Police Detective Mark Burbridge that when Skyelynn cries, he gets frustrated and he would pinch off her windpipe with his fingers. He told police he was doing this several times a day and his fingernail marks were showing up on Skyelynn's neck. Jamison told police he didn't want anyone to know what he was doing, so he started cupping his hand over Skyelynn's nose and mouth when she started crying. Tyler told police he did this to prevent her from breathing and she would stop crying.

Court records also show Jamison told police that sometimes he would force Skyelynn's face to his chest when she would cry. He thought he may have broken her ribs by squeezing her with his forearm. Jamison told police that after he dropped the child's mother off at school Monday, Skyelynn began crying. He said when he got home, he pinched off her airway until she was pale and her lips were blue. Jamison said when he released Skyelynn's windpipe, she started making noise again so he cupped his hand over her nose and mouth. He said when he released his hand, she was unresponsive. She eventually opened her eyes and he noticed they were looking in different directions and her breathing was raspy and "didn't sound right."

According to court records, Jamison called Skyelynn's doctor and told him about Skyelynn's eyes looking in different directions. The little girl had a doctor's appointment scheduled for later that day. Jamison asked if he could bring her in earlier, but the doctor told him to take her to the hospital immediately. He did not do that, instead waiting until noon to bring her to the hospital; that was about four hours after the ordeal began.

Jamison appeared in court Thursday afternoon, charged with First Degree Assault. Those charges will likely be upgraded upon the child's death.