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Zag nation will be in full force on GU's campus

Zag nation will be in full force on...

SPOKANE, Wash. - So many folks have headed down to Phoenix, that I half expected GU's campus to be a ghost town today.

Turns out, it's not. There's still a huge fan base here ready to bring the noise for their favorite team.

At first glance, it seems like a normal Friday at Gonzaga, but signs of the campus-wide excitement are everywhere.

Hundreds of their classmates and professors are in Phoenix.

Many of these students wish they were too.

“I wish I could go, it's a pretty amazing experience to be there for the Final Four,” said GU student Lauren Gomez. “The firs time that we're there is pretty exciting.”

Classes were not officially canceled, though the students tried.

“The students have to make that decision about what's more important,” said Chuck Faulkinberry, Director, Hemmingson Center and Auxiliary Services. “Some of them have definitely decided a different route than class.”

Some professors though, gave in to popular demand.

“One of my Econ professors is actually a huge Zag fan,” said Lauren, “and has canceled class on both Friday and Monday.”

For everyone still in Spokane, these Zags are ready to bring just as much spirit to the Hemmingson Center.

“We're expecting quite a few people,” said Faulkinberry. “A hundred, maybe a thousand.”

The GU community is known for its pride, but students say it's reached a new level this basketball season.

“It's just awesome to finally be respected,” said student Kendall. “We're a tiny school but we have so much pride and we're finally going to get here. It's not just because we have spirit, it's because we have talent too.”

Whether in Phoenix or Spokane, Zag nation will be in full force.

The folks at the Hemmingson Center say they plan to use all three of the building's levels for tomorrow's game watch.