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Zag fans celebrate big win on Gonzaga's campus

Zag fans celebrate big win on...

SPOKANE, Wash. - It was pandemonium in Gonzaga's Hemmingson Center as students learned the Zags were bound for the Elite 8.

Hundreds of students packed the new student building Thursday night to watch the Zags take on West Virginia University.

The game had many students on edge, unsure if the Bulldogs could pull off.

"We've never made it past the Final Four [sic], so we're really excited for this year and I hope the best for the Zags. I love the Zags," said one excited fan.

It was a hard fought match, but then the clock ran out, and Gonzaga won by three. It was a moment some fans were worried would never come.

"I got nervous, but our team came through. They're ready for this season. So, so proud," said student Caleb Dawson.

Zag fans are finally starting to see clear path to the Final Four, where Gonzaga would make school history.

"We believe it," Dawson said. "That's why we're here. That's why we're standing on things, losing our voices. So, we're ready."

But first, the Zags will have to take down Xavier on Saturday.