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WSU rolling out the crimson turf for Martin Stadium

WSU rolling out the crimson turf for Martin Stadium

PULLMAN, Wash. - Washington State University is putting the frosting on the cake that is Martin Stadium.

The field is getting new turf this week, something the university does every five or six years when the turf gets worn out.

Creating the perfect field is like baking a layer-cake; you have to have a solid foundation, something to build on. Martin Stadium's old turf was getting stale.

"This one gets a lot of use because we have intermurals and PE classes on it," said Bill Moos, WSU Athletic Director.

The last surface was about six years old and starting to see some wear. Moos said with the completion of the new football complex it was the perfect recipe for a remix.

"Actually the evolution of artificial turf has really improved through the years having played on the early ones and feeling it every day," said Moos.

The new surface will be the same kind as the last one, the same they use on the practice field and baseball field. The biggest difference will be the color at the ends.

"Well the fans were inquiring about the end zones and hoping we'd put crimson in the both end zones and that's what we've done," said Moos.

That fits perfectly with WSU's plan to house its super fans just behind the goal posts in the Crim-zone during games.

"We just want to make sure we have a lot of crimson jerseys in the crimson end zone this fall," said Moos.

Ground crews are now layering each piece of the field, rolling out the surface, trimming the edges, sewing them together before stretching them into place. The turf should be all down in the next several days, add the rubber filling and logos, bake for a few weeks and voila.

"It's kinda the frosting on the cake of the $130 million worth of facilities that we've built for Martin Stadium over the last couple of years," said Moos.

A treat tasty enough to make Martha Stewart jealous.