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WSP Busts Illegal Pot Grow in Plaza

Detectives with the Washington State Patrol uncovered an illegal pot grow inside the old Plaza Grange Supply store. Months of surveillance led detectives to the operation and two people they believe were involved.

Court documents show detectives received a tip last fall that the man who rents the Plaza Grange Supply Store was growing marijuana inside the facility. Knowing that pot grows often use an exceptional amount of power, detectives obtained records for the property. Those records show power consumption was exceptionally high - as much as seven times higher than the average consumer - even though no one occupied the building and very few people would come and go.

Detectives used video surveillance to watch the property for more than a month. They noted which vehicles would come and go and captured people carrying fertilizer and propane containers into the building on several occasions.

Detectives obtained a search warrant this month and searched the property. They seized more than 75 marijuana plants, processed marijuana, grow lights, business records, computers and more than $5000 cash, along with other equipment detectives believe was used to grow marijuana.

No one has been arrested or charged in the case. The investigation is ongoing.