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Woman finds herself in middle of high speed Wallace pursuit

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. - As cop shooter, Charlie Wallace tried to elude police in a stolen car Wednesday, he reached speeds over 100 miles per hour, putting dozens of drivers and deputies at risk.

Becky Jasper was on her way home when Wallace passed her on Highway 2.

"He was flying, he was almost out of sight as quick as I saw him," Jasper said.

Woman finds herself in middle of high speed Wallace pursuit

"There was no time to be afraid," she said.

On Thursday, Jasper got a birds eye view of the chilling chase thanks to recently released aerial video from the sheriff's helicopter, Air One.

"Oh, my goodness," she said as she watched Wallace narrowly miss two cars in the video.

Jasper said at the time she didn't know what the chase was about.

"And then I saw the helicopter and that's finally when it clicked in that this might be more than just your average speeder," she said

When she got home she received a text from a concerned friend.

"He had texted 'Are you guys ok?' and we said 'what?' and he said because of the shooting," she said.

The video goes onto to show Wallace hitting a set of spike strips on Highway 395 and Crawford and deputies then drawing their weapons.
Wallace then killed himself.

"It was really within 10 minutes that I saw him that he was dead and so that was very shocking, that the whole thing would unfold so dramatically and so horrifically," she said .