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Woman facing prison for pot grow found in home daycare

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Pot grow found in unlicensed home day care

A Spokane Valley woman, who thought the legalization of marijuana would make her rich, is heading to prison for growing marijuana in her home, which she was also using as an unlicensed day care.

This case puts a fine point on the fact that growing and selling marijuana is still  illegal. Tina Jones was selling marijuana to West Valley High School students, and it's those young customers who ratted her out.

It took almost a year for detectives to get inside Jones' drug-dealing operation. School Resource Deputy Ed Cashman wanted to figure out where all the marijuana in his school was coming from.

"He was making a lot of arrests with young people at the school for possession of marijuana. Through his investigation they were all basically telling him this residence was the go-to house for anybody who wanted to purchase marijuana," Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

It seemed improbable that a lady running a day care could also be selling marijuana on the side. But after a trio of undercover buys, detectives developed enough information for a search warrant. "Lo and behold when we did the search warrant, we found an active grow with 58 plants and also a pseudo day care that the homeowner was running," Chamberlin said.

Jones admitted dealing marijuana, saying it was her way of getting ahead in a state that would legalize possession of pot just three months later.

"She was providing marijuana to students at West Valley High School and probably other schools, and her reasoning was that she figured it was going to be legalized in the near future, so she wanted to get a jump start on the legalization of marijuana," Chamberlin said.

Jones pleaded guilty to manufacturing marijuana with intent to sell and will be sentenced in December.