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Woman critical after northwest Spokane shooting

Police were busy investigating the deadly shooting in northeast Spokane when another shooting happened in northwest Spokane.

Monday night, several dozen people showed up for a New Year's Eve party at the residence, located at 4207 N. Jefferson.

"This is a house we've known about for a while with parties and other problems," Spokane Police Lieutenant Joe Walker said.

northwest Spokane shooting

As many as 60 people were at the home around midnight; fortunately the crowd had dwindled by the time of the drive-by shooting.

"You could see them gathering in the street and you could tell by their attitudes and their voices that there was going to be a couple of fights," Block Watch captain Larry Schultz said.

Officers were then called to the home after witnesses reported hearing approximately a dozen gunshots.

"Sounds like somebody came back with some type of firearm and fired numerous rounds into the residence," Walker said.

Those rounds tore through the house; two of them hit a teenage girl. When officers arrived, police found the victim, an 18-year-old female with two gunshots wounds to the torso. Officers began administering first aid until paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital.

Police are not sure if the shooting was a drive-by or if the suspect was on foot as the shooter fired from outside to inside the house.

While officers are canvassing witnesses to determine what happened, there's no information on who the suspect might be or what caused the shooting.

"Right now detectives are processing the scene, collecting evidence, still trying to gather information on the party goers," Walker said.

Detectives are also fingerprinting glassware from the party and taking samples of blood spilled in fights before the shooting happened. Neighbors don't know the gunman but say they are well acquainted with the root of the problem.

"The officers all know this house. They told me when they were talking to me last night at 3 a.m. They said 'Oh yeah we know this house for all the drugs' and he said some gang-related stuff too so yeah, we're all standing here hoping something happens," Schultz said.

The shooting victim is in critical but stable condition.