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Who stole owl from Selah rehabilitation center?

SELAH, Wash. - Yakima County sheriff's detectives want to find whoever took off with an owl from the Raptor House rehabilitation center at Selah.

The sheriff's office says someone entered a building Jan. 31 and took a 14-year-old tawny owl.

Deputies are asking people to call if they know who.

The owl is glove-trained, and a handler frequently displayed it in classes. It weighs less than a pound and has reddish brown feathers and pink eyelids.

Shannon Dalan who runs the center with his wife Marsha says whoever took the bird name Sherman knew what they wanted and left other predators.

The center has about 20 birds, including hawks, falcons and eagles. Some are being rehabbed for return to the wild and others that can't be released are used for education.