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Water still un-safe to drink after third round of testing in Airway Heights

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. - The third round of water testing by the City of Airway Heights revealed Friday that the water is still not safe to drink.

A total of 20 samples were collected from different locations throughout the city. 4 samples came back with levels of PPT ranging from 85-141. The rest of the samples showed levels significantly below the EPA advisory levels of 70 PPT. One sample located in the industrial area has been isolated, and listed at 1245 PPT. The area is being valved off and drained in order to remove the contaminants.

Because of the samples that came back above EPA advisory levels, the city has announced it is still not safe to drink city water or use it for cooking.

Tap water is still safe for activities where water will not be ingested, such as bathing, doing laundry, or washing dishes.

A combined 25 million gallons of water have been flushed in the last two weeks.

The city will continue to flush the distribution system and industrial area over the weekend, and will collect more samples on Monday, June 5. The samples will be sent to the Anatek Laboratory in Moscow, Idaho and results should be available mid-week.

Bottled water will continue to be provided at the distribution site behind Yokes in Airway Heights.

Citizens can call the Airway Heights Fire Department at 509-244-3322, or the Airway Heights Police Department at 509-244-3707 and request a delivery during the weekend.