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Washington to announce marijuana consultant

SPOKANE, Wash. - Washington's newest member of its marijuana team will be announced Tuesday at 10 a.m. The Liquor Control Board will decide who will be the first marijuana consultant. 95 people applied for the job in January.

The Associated Press is reporting it will go to a consulting firm from Massachusetts called Botec Analysis Corporation. They will guide the Liquor Control Board in implementing regulations from Initiative 502. The Board has been tasked with deciding where, when, and how cannabis can be sold. Cities and counties will also be allowed to make certain rules.

KXLY talked with board member Chris Marr about the need to hire a consultant, while shooting our in-depth story "Marketing Marijuana."

Washington to announce marijuana consultant

"We're contracting for expert consultants that will tell us a lot about the market, how we project for demand, how we interact with the illicit marketplace. How we deal with issues around projecting need and production levels, things like that," Marr said.

The man who reportedly runs the consultant firm is a professor of public policy at UCLA named Mark Kleiman. He's co-written a book "Marijuana Legalization, What Everyone Needs to Know." Kleiman's also published books on drug policy. Botec has provided consulting on drug abuse, crime, and public health.

According to the AP, all of the other consultant candidates were sent e-mails declining their services.

Pot retail stores are set to open December 1st.