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Viral craigslist ad brings local college kids fame

Viral craigslist ad brings local...

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's a Craigslist post gone viral, but now, the search for "BBQ Dad" is over.

"Yeah, it's insane. Honestly, we never would have expected anything like this to have happened," says Taylor Wright, one of several people involved in the search. His friends still can't believe how much attention their ad has received.

"In the first couple of days, when we were getting coverage, I'd say that we probably got, somewhere between 100 and 125 emails," said Wright.   

The ad on Craigslist was clear in saying what the group was looking for in a "BBQ Dad." Wright and his friends wanted someone with at least 18 years of experience as a father, dad-level grilling skills, generic dad qualities, and of course, the right "dad-itude."

"Cracking jokes, cracking cold ones, flipping burgers," said Wright, "talking about lawn mowing, and Jimmy Buffett, and probably wearing a Hawaiian shirt or an apron, or both."  

Their requirements may be strict, but Wright said they had no problem finding a match.

"We actually found three of them," he said.

For now, Wright is keeping those "dad-dentities" under wraps.

"We're actually really excited about our choices. But we'll be talking about that this Friday on Good Morning America, if you can believe that," Wright said.