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Veteran giving back to community with free lunch Monday

SPOKANE, Wash. - Vet gives back to community

On Monday, you can grab lunch for free downtown and help local veterans.

Douglas Bickford is the owner of D&D Dogs, a hot dog stand you might normally find outside the Spokane County Courthouse.

On Monday he'll be moving his stand to the intersection of Riverside and Howard at Riverfront Park to give away hot dogs for free, though Bickford hopes you'll donate to his cause.

Bickford came to Spokane homeless and got help from the Spokane County Veterans Services. Because of that help he now has a home, a business and is sober. So on Monday, all donations he receives will go right back to the place that helped him.

"Everything that I make is going them and I'm going to hopefully, I'm going to fill that jar, I do this every day anyway, I want to fill that jar or plastic, I'm going to fill that thing with twenties," he said.

Bickford will offer hot dogs, pop and chips on Monday for whatever donation you can give. Veterans will eat for free.

His stand will be at Howard and Riverside by Riverfront Park from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Veterans Day.