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US Attorney orders farmer's marijuana market to cease and desist

SPOKANE, Wash. - A farmer's market for medical marijuana will not be opening in Spokane Valley after a letter from US Attorney Michael Ormsby caused the owners to cancel their plans.

The market would have brought growers and patients together just like they were selling fresh vegetables except it would have been marijuana to card holding patients. Supporters call it the best way to keep the cost of their medicine down.

"They actually had to remove the back of my skull. So just laying in bed, laying on the pillow when I wake up, I'm in horrible pain," said David VanScyoc.

Marijuana market

VanScyoc uses marijuana for his pain. When he was young he was seriously burned in a gas explosion. He said dispensaries drive up prices, but a farmers market would help him and others get cheaper medicine.

"Instead of selling, the growers selling to the dispensary and the dispensary selling to the patient and everybody marking it up along the way we can do one price," said VanScyoc.

The market would have had a room for sampling and counter space for growers, something supporters say you can find in Western Washington just not here, after the letter to the owners of the market from Ormsby told them to cease and desist or face the consequences.

"They get letters saying, 'Oh you need to move because you're too close to a church' but these folks that own this property got 'If you don't stop this we're going to throw you in jail, $20,000 fine, 20 years in jail.' Why so different?" Tricia Rogers asked.

Rogers and others signed petitions protesting what they say is unfair.

"It's going to our governor, it's going to our representatives. It's going to anybody that will listen," said Rogers about the petition.

Growers who had planned to sell from the market were given refunds.

The owners of the market say they don't have any plans of re-opening until their attorney formulates a plan of action.