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Urban chickens gaining popularity

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Urban chicken keeping is one of the hot new trends with homeowners, but there's a lot of work that goes into it for a big reward.

Craig Goodwin and his family have a chicken coop in the back yard of their Spokane Valley home, but you would never guess from out front.

"Our kids were the ones that were really excited about it, so we ran down to the Big R and brought home some chickens and tried to figure it out," he said.


That was four years ago. Now Goodwin's coop is home to seven hens that lay so many eggs they had to make a deal with their neighbors.

"We were a little nervous about what they would think about getting chickens because the coop would be right next to their yard and they said 'Oh, we would love to.' So we share the eggs and alternate days when we pick them up and share the duties of cleaning out the coop," he said.

And along with having a never-ending supply of nutrient, farm fresh eggs, Goodwin says the most rewarding part is what the shared fun and responsibility has meant to the family.

"I've never seen my kids so excited. It was like this miracle happened in our midst and in that sense the food that we eat and the animals that are a part of our lives are special and there is a preciousness to them. I really appreciate that lesson that we have learned," he said.

Goodwin has blogged about his experience and provides excellent tips to get started. You can find a link to his blog under newslinks.