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Up to $100K in vandalism done to Valley home

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Two teens are in custody and are facing felony charges after nearly $100,000 in damage was done to a Spokane Valley home overnight.

"In the 16 years that I've been a sheriff's deputy I've never seen any act of vandalism this severe," Spokane County Sheriff's deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

The house, located at 10502 E. 9th Street in Spokane Valley, is not occupied and is up for sale.

Neighbors said they heard some loud bangs around 4 a.m. Tuesday. A neighbor later went inside the home and found it ransacked. The refrigerator had been knocked off, cabinet doors ripped off and standing water was found inside the home.

Up to $100K in vandalism done to Valley home

The damage, estimated at up to $100,000, is roughly two-thirds of the asking price for the home, which has been on the market since May and as of Tuesday afternoon was listed for sale at $159,000.

In addition to the extensive damage done to the home's interior, seven cars in the neighborhood also had their tires slashed.

The teens, ages 16 and 17, left a trail of debris, like curtain holders, along 9th Avenue to help deputies track them down. A neighbor who knows the teens heard through a friend they were responsible and talked to detectives.

"The really sad part is both basically both these children, these teenagers admitted to doing the damage to this residence. They had absolutely no reasons why. They just thought it was something to do," Chamberlin said.

Deputies interviewed the two teens, who admitted to trashing the house and slashing tires, and took them into custody. They are facing felony charges of malicious mischief and residential burglary.

The teens had no motive for vandalizing the home; they told deputies they just felt like doing it.

Authorities expressed frustration and the response from the neighborhood. Several neighbors said they heard something happening at the home early Tuesday morning but no one ever called the police.

If they had, deputies said the teens could have been taken into custody earlier in the day.