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Uniontown man pleads guilty to lesser charge in attempted murder case

COLFAX, Wash. - A Uniontown man accused of trying to kill his wife pleaded guilty Tuesday to a lesser charge in Whitman County Superior Court. 

32-year-old Jacob Forster entered a plea agreement with prosecutors to a felony charge of first degree attempted assault. Forster was initially charged with attempted murder. 

Judge Dave Frazier accepted the plea and sentenced Forster to nearly six years in prison. 

The Whitman County Sheriff's Office arrested Forster last spring after his wife told authorities he tried to kill her with nitrogen gas while she slept. 

Police say on March 27, Forster put a box over his wife's head and hooked up a pressurized tank. 

The day before that, a $1 million insurance policy for Forster's wife was finalized and he was named the beneficiary.