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Undecided voter: 'Can we just start over?'

Undecided voter: 'Can we just start over?'

DEER PARK, Wash. - Just days until the election and some people admittedly still don't know who they'll vote for.

The election has been a heated one. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seeming to attack one another every chance they get. In the process, turning off voter Bob Brown.

Brown considers himself a democrat but after what he has seen during this election season he is not convinced either candidate should win.

"This is not the country that we fought for or wanted to end up with," said Brown.

Brown doesn't think Trump or Clinton are fit to be president, "It's a very poor choice."

At this point Brown says its time for a do over, saying "Start over, have a 90 day lapse here and have two new people."

With all of the negative news about both candidates in recent weeks, Brown is certain some people are regretting their choice to vote early.

"Early voters, I'm sure there are people who voted for Trump and Clinton who would love to have their ballots back," said Brown.

While those who have already voted can't change their minds now, Brown's vote is still up for grabs, "I'll vote down the card, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the two guys at the top."

Brown says unless something major happens in the next week, he may not vote at all.

"I never thought that I would give up my vote, but I have to live with myself," said Brown.

Brown says he is sad it has come to this point, where instead of voting for the best leader, people are casting ballots for the lesser of two evils.