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Two hospitalized in north Spokane pitbull attack

Two hospitalized in north Spokane pitbull attack

SPOKANE, Wash. -  Two people were hospitalized and several others injured after two Pit Bulls got loose in North Spokane late Thursday afternoon. An 8-year-old girl and man received serious injuries from the biting spree.

Witnesses told Spokane Police that kids in the neighborhood let the dogs out of the backyard near the 1800 block of Bridgeport Avenue. The dogs attacked the 8-year-old girl first, then when neighbors saw what was happening the scene quickly escalated.

"As soon as the neighbors were able to get the dog off one person, the dog would go after another person," Lt. Craig Meidl said. "So it was an ongoing chaotic scene."

Jason Connerly and his family live next door to the Pit Bulls. He said he came outside to see his other neighbor pinned to the ground.

"His face was torn up, his arm was torn up, he had blood everywhere," Connerly said.

Shortly after, the dogs went after him. Connerly was bit on the hands and legs. He said he hit the dogs with a shovel until they went away.

"The female [dog], the one that attacked she has progressively got more and more aggressive since my neighbor got the dog," Connerly said.

Police and neighbors cornered the dogs until animal control arrived. The woman who owns the dogs said she just got the female dog a month ago, the one that was reportedly the most vicious. She said she's angry because she wasn't even home when it happened, but now faces legal consequences. .

"SCRAPS has the Pit Bulls in custody," Lt. Meidl said. "They'll do an investigation on it and they'll determine what charges."

There is a couple outcomes for the dogs. Police said they could require the owner obtain a dangerous dog permit and insurance, or the dogs could euthanized.