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Two arrested following Spokane Valley Motel 6 standoff

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Two people with warrants from Montana have been taken into custody following a standoff with the SWAT team at the Spokane Valley Motel 6.

Around midnight Spokane County Sheriff's deputies responded to a report of a stolen vehicle in the Motel 6 parking lot and made contact with a man and a woman who, when they talked with them, found out they had felony warrants out of Montana.

"We made contact with them initially. They would not come out of the room and that is when the communication came out that there was a weapon in the room with them and that they were not going to come out," Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Gregory said early Tuesday morning.

"They did have felony warrants for their arrests as well as were suspected of being armed," Washington State Patrol Trooper Jeff Sevigney said.

Around 3 a.m. the SWAT team was called to the motel.

"SWAT has been on scene since about 3 o'clock, negotiators were on scene shortly after that and they have been trying to make contact to communicate with the two individuals and trying to get them to come out and hopefully end this peacefully," Gregory said.

People staying in the motel, located just off Argonne Road at Interstate 90, were evacuated from their rooms as a precaution during the standoff.

"We heard the police yelling something about put your hands up," Carlynn Davis said. "I looked out the window they said everybody get back in your rooms and don't look out the window and then I went back to sleep and I don't know how long I was asleep and then the phone rang and it was the office."

"They evacuated us and said it was for our own safety. They are moving us to a different room and say that we can leave all of our belongings and made sure that nobody went in and bother them," Davis added.

After the negotiators arrived they made contact with the suspects and that's when they determined they were armed.

Shortly before 6 a.m. attempts to negotiate with the two individuals broke down when the woman pointed a gun out of the hotel room window in the direction of the SWAT team. The woman was shot in the hand and SWAT moved in and cleared the room where the two people were barricaded and took both into custody.

"Unfortunately after three and a half hours of continued dialogue with those individuals the SWAT team did engage the female suspect who was armed with a pistol. She was shot one time," Sevigney said.

Paramedics were staged at the scene and quickly provided medical attention to the woman. Sevigney said the woman was shot in the hand and has been transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for medical treatment. He identified the two suspects as 32-year-old Eric Heil and 37-year-old Bonnie Ulrick.

Because it was an officer-involved shooting, the Spokane Investigative Regional Response team is investigating the incident. The area around the Motel 6 has been closed down due to the investigation. Hutchinson Road is closed at Knox, Spokane Valley High School, a small alternative high school located nearby, is closed for the day, and a doctor's office near the Motel 6 is closed as well.