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Troy man shoots self while sleeping

MOSCOW, Idaho - A 54-year-old Troy man is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the shoulder while sleeping.

The Latah County Sheriff's Office reports that Darius Des Voigne called 9-1-1 Thursday morning around 6:15 to report that he had just shot himself.

Deputies say that Des Voigne sleeps with a .357 revolver in his bed for protection. Sometime during the night he woke up after rolling over on the firearm and then placed it in his hands on his chest and went back to sleep.

While he was sleeping he apparently squeezed the trigger shooting himself in the shoulder with a .357 hollowpoint round.

Des Voigne was taken to Gritman Medical Center in Moscow for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Evan Ellis / KQQQ Radio in Pullman contributed to this report.