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Transient campfire likely led to Boulder Beach brush fire

SPOKANE, Wash. - A small brush fire almost took off near Boulder Beach at Upper River Drive Thursday morning. While the cause is under investigation it was likely started by a transient camping there.

Investigators say a man camped overnight at the spot where the fire started.

"Had a transient who had utilized kind of a natural cave in that area to turn into his residence evidently," Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

Camp Sekani brush fire

Despite its name, Camp Sekani is a city park and not a campground. When first responders arrived the camper told them that he didn't start the fire and that someone was out to get him.

"He was under the assumption or belief that someone else had actually started the fire which we were never able to prove that or verify that," Chamberlin said.

While trying to escape what was likely a fire he started the not-so-happy camper broke his leg. He was taken to the hospital, and won't be charged, but his close call sends a message.

"Fire season [is] right around the corner. If not here right now obviously you cant have fires in that location. If something bad would have happened, you know a big wind gust or something that area is nothing but a mountainous area going up into the Northwood area so that could have turned out extremely devastating with several homes at risk," Chamberlin said.

It's still pretty green in the area, but we are already two weeks into wildland fire season and had conditions been just a little bit different odds are the fire would've been more difficult to get under control.