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Traffic stop leads to arrest of escaped inmate

NEWPORT, Wash. - An escaped inmate from Pend Oreille County Jail was arrested Saturday after a traffic stop.

Pend Oreille County Deputy Sheriff Dan Dice stopped a vehicle near Camden Road and State Route 2 for a traffic violation. 29-year-old Ryan Apling from Newport, WA was a passenger in the vehicle.

Apling escaped from the jail's inmate recreation yard on February 12, 2014 by scaling several fences topped with razor wire. Apling was being held at the time of his escaped for failure to appear on original charges of Criminal Trespass 2nd Degree and Driving While License Suspended 3rd Degree.

Apling was re-taken into custody without incident.

The vehicle's driver, Kyle Mischenko of Newport, and passenger, Adina Ahlers of Priest River, ID, were also arrested on charges of Rendering Criminal Assistance in the 1st Degree for assisting Apling. 

Apling is currently being held on the following warrants: Possession of Stolen Property, Escape 2nd Degree, FTA Driving While License Suspended, FTA Criminal Trespass, FTA for Pretrial and FTA for Arraignment.