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Tips to save on back to school shopping

Tips to save on back to school shopping

SPOKANE, Wash. - Summer break is winding down and many families are hitting the stores instead of the pool to get ready; but back to school supply shopping can be expensive. The National Education Association is estimating parents of an elementary school student spent $200 on average last year.

On Friday families packed the Spokane Valley Target to get ahead of their back to school shopping and say there are plenty of benefits to it.

Charie Lodge who has four children heading back to school in three weeks said, “I think starting early is the biggest thing so it isn't all in one shopping trip.”

It also ensures she doesn't miss out on the sale items that don't get restocked once they're sold out.

Lodge adds that it gives her time to watch the sales at different stores to score the best deals.

Jennifer Heimgartner took the day off from work to drive up and take her daughter and a few friends on their annual back to school trip. Like many parents we spoke to, Jennifer said her daughter's supply list is getting smaller, but there were still a few items she had to head to Target to get.

Her biggest tip for saving is to keep items from last year that can be reused this year.

“I have this drawer at my house that i just throw all of our old stuff in and use it,” explained Heimgartner.

It gives her the chance to splurge on items like a new backpack. Lucky for her daughter and her friends; who have their eyes on one particular style.

Many stores have deals on everyday items like crayons and glue. Buying them in bulk can save you a few bucks when they inevitably run out mid-school year or to carry over in to the next back to school season.

For those looking to avoid the crowds, stores like target allow you to shop for items online, pay for them and pick up the order at the store when it is ready.