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Timeline reveals many mistakes in handling of Charlie Wallace

A new sheriff's report reveals what led up to that frightening shoot out with Spokane County Deputies last summer.

Charlie Wallace was a wanted felon. He shot two deputies during a traffic stop in June of 2012 before taking his own life.

Fortunately both deputies survived the ambush, but the confrontation never should have happened and Wallace should never have been released from prison.


This week the sheriff's department compiled a timeline of what led up to the shootout, revealing gaping holes in our judicial system and a serious lack of communication.

A month before the shooting, Judge Imbrogono released Wallace to a drug treatment facility. After the shooting she took a lot of heat for the decision, but Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is now trying to clear her name.

"She knew that Charlie Wallace had made threats. That he would have shot it out with law enforcement in his first arrest was not the case. She didn't know that," he explained.

The in-patient facility where Wallace was supposed to be getting treatment also dropped the ball. It took them five days to report Wallace was missing.

Sheriff Knezovich says this timeline is now a guide to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

"There's a whole bunch of things that are happening," he said. "US Attorney Michael Ormsby is doing a great job. He's trying to make sure what happened in the federal component of this doesn't happen again."