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Thousands still without power two days after storm

Thousands still without power two days after storm

SPOKANE, Wash. - Thousands of families in Spokane, Stevens, Pend Oreille and Bonner counties are still without power after Wednesday's damaging storms.

Some residents say they've never been without power for more than a few hours, so they never thought they would need to be ready for anything different.

This storm has given them a reason to get their home and themselves prepared.

Former KXLY reporter, Annie Bishop, is cooking dinner for her family on a camping stove.

"This is just easier because our barbeque is charcoal... and I don't want to be waiting for 2 hours for the barbeque to heat up before we eat," said Bishop.

"We broke this out of our storage this morning so we could have breakfast we made breakfast and boiled water for coffee," said Bishop.

But she was lucky to have the stove.

Bishop says they were not prepared for an emergency.

"We were scrambling to find our flashlights we went up to my husbands parents house to get candles and everything was kind of in all different spots. So we actually brought our solar lights in the first night it happened because we couldn't find our flashlights," said Bishop.

But even those who were ready for a power outage are running into some problems.

"We have two generators but we don't have enough to run the milk lines," said Becky Jasper.

The Jaspers own Chattaroy Cheese Farm. With two generators they still don't have enough power to run all of their equipment.

"We're keeping our refrigeration system going to keep the already made cheese cool and to keep our water going for all the animals," said Jasper.

Without the milk lines and electronic milking system, the Jaspers are milking all 24 goats by hand and dumping the milk, and dollars, down the drain.

"We're not saving it cause we can't cool it directly. We're losing a batch of cheese everyday so it's taking a financial hit on us," said Jasper.

Avista expects to have power restored to all of their customers by Sunday.