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Thieves steal woman's home

NEWPORT, Wash. - Stolen home vo

A Newport, Wash. woman returned home one evening recently and not only found she'd been robbed, but thieves had taken her entire home.

The day after Thanksgiving Leah Watson was on her way home, but when she got there her trailer was gone. The only thing left were tracks in the snow where someone had pulled it away.

The barbed wire across the driveway didn't do much to deter thieves from driving off with almost all of her worldly possessions.

"I was planning on coming home for the evening before I went back to work and everything was just gone," said Watson.

For the last four months, Watson and her daughter Addison had been living on a friend's property outside Newport.

"It was a 30-foot Fleetwood camper RV trailer," she said.

The tires were flat, the hitch locked and the driveway narrow. Not a quick grab-and-go for any crook.

"So they would have had to use a compressor and they would have had to cut the hitch lock off," said Watson.

The property owner said he didn't hear or see anything that day. Watson hopes maybe others did.

Along with all her stuff Watson's dog Honor, cat Ninja, and Nickel the turtle went missing with the camper, which is now hard to explain to her three-year-old daughter.

"I tell her, you know, we're going to go home and she says, 'Mommy we don't have a home and somebody stole it,'" said Watson.

Watson and her daughter are staying with family, and she said she feels like her daughter lost more than she did.

"Please can you help find our stuff? For Christmas," Addison said.

Anyone with information on this crime should contact the Pend Oreille County Sheriff's Department. If you'd like to help out Watson, you can send her an email at leahwatson2866@hotmail.com.