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Thieves steal gear from Special Olympics team

Moscow Rebel Tigers competing in Idaho Special Olympics 2014 Winter Games next week

Thieves steal gear from Special Olympics team

MOSCOW, Idaho - Theft is a heinous crime, but for a group of Special Olympians in Moscow, it was especially heinous, when someone nearly crushed their hopes for the upcoming winter games when someone broke into their storage unit and stole all the newest equipment for the Moscow Rebel Tigers.

The worst part about it? They were going to use that gear for the winter games next week.

"That's the kind of lock that we used to have. This is the kind of lock that I bought," said Moscow Rebel Tigers Head Coach Elizabeth King.

Last Saturday somebody beat her to it.

"They didn't take everything but they did take everything we needed to compete," said King.

Someone cut the lock of the storage unit and helped themselves to the team's gear.

"Nine pairs of snow shoes, four pairs of cross country ski boots and 12 jackets and one set of cross country skis and poles," said King.

The team is just a week away from the biggest competition of the year: The Idaho Special Olympics 2014 Winter Games. The team took the news pretty hard.

"It was just shock," said King.

Moscow Police say they don't have suspects but that other units nearby had been hit recently. When the news broke other teams offered to lend the Tigers gear. The Coeur d'Alene team donated $1,000. The Rebel Tigers went from heartbroken to hopeful, eyeing a spot on the podium.  

"I'm really impressed and greatfull for the amount of support," said King.

Anyone who would like to help can contact Pam Lisenbe, regional director for the North Idaho Special Olympics, at pam@idso.org.