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Teen wins car, gives it away to best friend

CHENEY, Wash. - Teen wins, gives car away

What would you do for a friend? A Cheney High School grad is showing people you can do more than you think.

Last Thursday was the all-nighter party at Cheney High School, the night after graduation  leading up to the raffle where 80 teens waited for the chance at an iPad or the grand prize, a car donated by community members.

Sami Sheffels and Darien Brophy, best of friends since 8th grade, waited.

"She was like, OK, everyone stand up. If your name starts with "A" sit down. You didn't win the car," Sami said.

And they waited and "D" was called.

"D, and I was like 'Oh man my first name starts with a D so I've got to sit down,'" Darien said.

But the S's were still standing.

"Sami's totally going to get it. How funny would it be if Sami gets this," Darien said.

"All of the sudden I look around and I'm the only one that's standing there," Sami said.

"I just knew what I was going to do," she added.

"She just turns and walks over to me and I'm still sitting down and I'm like, 'Oh man!" Darien said.

Sami handed Darien the keys to the car she had just won, giving her friend the gift of transportation.

"It was crazy, I was sitting there shaking. I was speechless and in awe," Darien said.

Sami, you see, already had a car, and instead of selling the car she won to start paying mounting college bills she gave it to Darien instead.

"Darien's been saving for a car for like three years. She works really, really hard, she has two jobs," Sami said.

Darien will have a car to drive to her first college classes in Spokane next year while Sami's in school in Oregon.

"That, she would do something so selfless not a lot of people would do that. This just shows how amazing Sami really is," Darien said.

Darien's still learning how to drive the car; it's got a manual transmission. Sami's helping her out though. It's what friends do.