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Teen struck by Sheriff's deputy patrol car removed from life support

Teen struck by Sheriff's deputy patrol car removed from life support

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - The 15-year-old boy hit by Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy nearly weeks ago, has died. Ryan Holyk's parents took to Facebook Wednesday night to let people on his support page know that he was taken off of life support.

Holyk was riding his bike on the night of Friday, May 23 near the intersection of Vista and Sprague when he was hit by patrol vehicle driven by 25 year veteran Joseph Bodman.

Officials say Deputy Bodman was rushing to a domestic violence call when Holyk crossed on his bike against a do not walk sign. Witnesses and investigators say Deputy Bodman had the green light, but his patrol lights weren't on.

The collision sent Holyk to Sacred Heart Hospital where he remained in critical condition until he was removed from his ventilator.

Ryan's mother thanked the community for their support on Facebook.

"Everyone has been so wonderful," she said. "I could not ask for a better community. From the kind words to the amazing acts of kindness. You have all blown me away. We have an astounding community."

She also said that they will donate his organs, so that another family can experience a miracle.

Deputy Bodman has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues.