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SWAT raids Coeur d'Alene apartment in Spokane kidnapping investigation

SWAT raids Coeur d'Alene apartment in Spokane kidnapping investigation

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - A kidnapping investigation in Spokane came to a head in Coeur d'Alene's Fernan neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

The investigation began at a house near the intersection of Maple and Knox in Spokane.

The SWAT team drove their vehicles right up into the driveway and used loud speakers to notify the people inside and ask them to come out.

Neighbor Travis Corneil says he heard the whole thing.

"'This is the Spokane SWAT team, we know you're in there, please come out with your hands up,' and they repeated it a few times," Corneil explained.

Afterwards police said they took several people into custody.

"Our Major Crimes investigators as well as our tactical operations detectives are doing some follow up on an alleged kidnapping," said Spokane Police Captain Brad Arleth. "That's the reason for the search warrant and, due to the nature of the allegations, that's why we used the SWAT team to make the entry on the warrant."

Right now police aren't saying when or why the kidnapping happened, or whether any weapons were involved.

"What I can tell you is that after we arrived we did the warrant and we removed some people from the house who are going to be interviewed today. Then we'll be making some determinations about the next steps in the investigation," said Arleth.

Police do say that the home that was raided has been on their radar as a outlet for illegal drugs. Arleth also said that one of the men living in the house had asked him not to report anything to the police.

"He's like, 'If you ever hear any troubles going on, don't worry about calling the cops. We'll handle it ourselves.' So by him saying that, it seemed a little odd," said Corneil.

Crime scene technicians are now handling the apartment, looking for evidence that may suggest a kidnapping, like blood, zip ties and duct tape. If detectives find drugs, the search warrant will have to be amended to include them as evidence.

About an hour after the first raid in Spokane, investigators executed a search warrant at an apartment building in Coeur d'Alene and took one man into custody. The nearby Fernan elementary was put into lockdown and protected by officers until any possible danger was over.