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Suspect wears ankle monitor during Okanogan Eagles burglary

Suspect wears ankle monitor during Okanogan Eagles burglary

OKANOGAN, Wash. - A burglary suspect was caught by the Okanogan County Sheriff's Office thanks to his decision to wear his court-ordered ankle monitor which tracked his movements during a burglary of the Okanogan Eagles Lodge.

On Tuesday deputies responded to a burglary call at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles, located on north 2nd Avenue in Okanogan. They found the phone lines into the building were cut and the back door had been pried open, possibly with a crowbar. The suspect pried open several other doors in the building, as well as a safe, stealing $2,000 from it.

Surveillance video from inside the Eagles showed two suspects entering the building around 1:43 a.m. wearing masks and hoods, coming in and out of the building several times between the first break-in and 4 a.m.

Deputies investigating the burglary developed a person of interest in the case, Kyle Snyder, 22, of Omak, who, among other things, was arrested after he broke into the Eagles in 2012. Deputies, however, thought he was still in jail waiting to be transferred to prison on other charges. Unfortunately, Snyder had been released from jail but was wearing an ankle monitor as a condition of his release.

When deputies were able to pull up Snyder's location history, they found Snyder had worn the ankle monitor in and out of the Eagles several times the night of the break-in. The times he was tracked inside the Eagles corresponded with the times the suspects were spotted on surveillance video inside the building.

The monitor indicated where he had gone every time he left the building, so deputies first went to one of those locations, his mother's home, where they found Snyder and arrested him on charges of second degree burglary, second degree theft and first degree malicious mischief.

Deputies also paid a visit to the Motel Nicholas in Omak. another location Snyder had visited according to his ankle monitor history the evening of the Eagles burglary. While at the motel they found the vehicle that had been used in the burglary and questioned Alyssa Descoteaux, 19, of Omak, in a motel room Snyder had been tracked to. She was subsequently arrested for methamphetamine possession and booked into the Okanogan County Jail. She is not facing charges in relation to the burglary at this time, according to Sheriff Frank Rogers.

Sheriff Rogers did add, however, the investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are expected.

Okanogan Eagles burglary surveillance video

Okanogan Eagles burglary surveillance video