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Suspect in Baskin Robbins armed robbery fatally shot by Spokane Police

Suspect in Baskin Robbins armed robbery fatally shot by Spokane Police

SPOKANE, Wash. -  A man believed to be the suspect in Tuesday's armed robbery at Baskin Robbins has died from a standoff Wednesday night with Spokane Police.

Chief Frank Straub said they had probable cause and were waiting on a warrant for his arrest for first-degree robbery. The investigation began earlier in the afternoon when a house in the1500 block of W. Grace Street was put under surveillance. The SWAT team was on hand as a precaution, because of the use of a gun in the robbery.

Just before seven the suspect noticed police activity and came to the door. Police used a PA system to talk with him, telling him they were obtaining a warrant for his arrest. The suspect stepped outside the house and that's when police ordered him to surrender but the suspect refused. The talk lasted about five minutes before shots were fired.

"At some point the officers believed that their safety and the safety of the community was at risk, and they engaged the individual," Straub said.

The suspect was treated for gunshot wounds on the scene and then transferred to an area hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. His name is not being released at this time.

Officers recovered a firearm on the scene, but Chief Straub declined to comment if he used it in the exchange.

This investigation will be broken up by two agencies. Spokane Police will continue with the armed robbery while Washington State Patrol takes control of the officer involved shooting.