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Students with special needs crowned homecoming royalty

Students with special needs crowned homecoming royalty

CHATTAROY, Wash. --- Two Riverside High School students were honored in a very special way at the homecoming football game Friday night.

Riverside High School's homecoming game is filled with fans, cheerleaders and of course football, but this isn't any ordinary homecoming game-this one is more special because of two students: Seniors Jon Jones and Tatiana Beers. They are pretty well known at their school.

"I try to be a likeable person," said Jones.

" Nice, kind, never mean," said Beers.

Both have special needs, but Friday night they were special for another reason.

"For the first time ever, we are not only crowning a king and queen, but this year we are crowning a duke and a duchess," says the announcer at the football game. "The 2016 Riverside High School duke and duchess.. please give a round of applause to Jon Jones and Tatiana Beers!"

"I'm very proud of her. She's a great kid. You never know your daughter is going to have this opportunity to shine," said Tatiana's mother, Christi Beers.

"I think these guys tend to get overlooked and we need to not overlook them," said Rachea Allert, special education teacher at Riverside High.

As they ride off as the first ever duke and duchess, they will never forget this special night.

Tatiana has cerebral palsy. She loves to do art and hopes to have a career in art someday.

Jon has autism. He loves video games and hopes to work in that field.