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Students spreading love to less fortunate in community

SPOKANE, Wash. - Students at Evergreen Elementary School are spreading the love to those who are less fortunate in our community as they hand packaged enough food Tuesday to serve 10,000 people through Second Harvest Food Bank.

Think of them as meals ready to eat. A little rice, soy, some dried vegetables and vitamins.

"The idea behind them is to feed as many people as you can," Tina Heimbigner at Evergreen Elementary said. "[It] helps them to have a balanced meal even though it isn't a lot of food."

Evergreen food drive

Believe it or not the meal packages the kids are putting together contain enough food for six servings. The goal is to put together enough meals to serve 10,000. To get it done in just two hours took an army 4th 5th and sixth graders.

"They're just awesome kids. They're very invested in this project," Heimbigner said.

The food will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank and given to those less fortunate. The message this gesture sends wasn't lost on even the youngest helpers who were packaging the food Tuesday.

Jeremy Affeldt's non-profit Generation Alive made this act of kindness possible as they paid for the food.

"They actually make the meals, they're involved in the process, they get to feel what its like to help someone, and we're hoping to really change their hearts so they begin to see that living outside of themselves is even more fun than a video game," Darrin Duty, executive director of Generation Alive, said.

In the end, it wasn't about making a big donation to Second Harvest Food Bank. It was about teaching the kids.