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Strong winds down trees and powerlines

Strong winds down trees and powerlines in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash - Fast winds and dust storms blew through Spokane as many watched in awe of Mother Nature's power.

"You could actually see the dust moving through town, it's pretty intense I've never seen it like this before," said John Rouse, City of Spokane resident. "The wind was blowing really hard, my son and I were outside and soon enough a huge branch fell right next to us."

A loud crack echoed through one neighborhood when a tall pine tree came crashing down near 14th Ave and Stevens St. on the South Hill. While no one was hurt, it was a close call as one neighbor drove through the alleyway as the tree came down.

"She saw it behind her that the tree was going down, and gunned her car and was able to go up the alley to avoid getting hit by the tree," one neighbor recalled.

Both Avista and Spokane Fire visited the site to assess the damage, but the lines the tree was resting on were cable and telephone. Many others, not as lucky. At one point Avista reported over 12,000 customers around Eastern Washington and North Idaho without power.

The city wants to remind residents if a tree falls on the sidewalk or in a yard, it is the homeowners responsibility. Otherwise call 509-625-7733 to report it.

If you see a downed power line first call 911, then report it to Avista either online at avistautilities.com or call 800-227-9187.