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Street race ends in devastating crash

SPOKANE, Wash. - video

A three car crash shut down Nevada street in north Spokane on Thursday night, and police blame illegal racing.

Two cars were racing northbound in Nevada when they broadsided a Ford Explorer carrying a couple and their baby.

A red Honda hit the SUV as the family turned southbound on Nevada. Fortunately, the Honda struck the rear of the Ford, sparing the passenger compartment the brunt of the impact.

The other car plowed into the tail of the Honda, and the driver of the lead car had to be extricated.

"If we could really send a message tonight it would be to emphasize how dangerous it is to drive at a high rate of speed. Especially in conditions like these where it's dark, there's a risk of freezing fog to make things that much more slick. We really would like to discourage people from driving at high rates of speed, especially on a public roadway where they can put other people's lives and safety in jeopardy," said Spokane Police Lieutenant Eric Olsen.

Police say the family in the SUV are ok thanks to their baby being properly buckled in a child seat.

The driver of the Honda is in critical condition and both racers could face vehicular assault charges.