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Storms leave 90 year old Deer Park woman homeless

Storms leave 90 year old Deer Park woman homeless

DEER PARK, Wash. - The storm clean up across the Inland Northwest continued Monday. Saturday's fast moving storm left a path of destruction leaving thousands in the dark and some families homeless.

90-year old Birdie Reese of Deer Park says her home took a one-two punch from both storms. She's remaining up beat and is thankful she's still alive.

She had lived at her home for 50 years until July 23, when she says she was awoken from a nap.

"I got up and walked into my front room and all the sudden these winds came," Reese said.

Those winds proved too much for the pine trees surrounding her house.

"There was a big bang, and a big tree," Birdie said.

One of those pines landing square in her living room.

"It just missed me by about 10 minutes, so I was very fortunate," Reese said, "Someone was watching over me."

All that she has left now are the memories from her home. Most of her furniture is ruined and just a few pictures were saved.

"I don't know which way the winds are going to blow next, but I think I better set my sails," Reese said.

She's not sure what will happen to her home next but is thankful she is still here to make new memories with her friend and family.

"I'm just fortunate that I'm alive and thank my heavenly father for saving my life. I'm sure he did," Reese said.

Reese's friends and family had just finished cleaning up debris from her yard when Saturday's storm blew more debris in.

She is currently staying with family in Spokane Valley.