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Storm displaces over 40 families at mobile home park

Storm displaces over 40 families at mobile home park

CHATTAROY, Wash. - The community of Riverside, just north of Chattaroy, was one of the areas hit hardest by Wednesday afternoon's storm. Countless trees were knocked down, destroying property and tearing down power lines, and displacing more than 40 families living at Riverside Village Mobile Home Park.

Some homes were just jostled around by uprooted trees, while others were completely destroyed by trees snapping in 70 miles per hour winds.

Tim Johnson and his wife were watching the storm carefully Wednesday afternoon.

"I said 'Hon, I said it's going to hit here I just knew it.' You could tell you could look at the sky and I kind of knew that it was going to hit. I never dreamt that it was going to be like this," Johnson said.

No one really did. 44 trailer homes were either heavily damaged or destroyed by the storm.

Megan Hill with Fire District 4 was in Riverside late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

"Trailers with trees on them, cars with trees on them... Everybody's property just covered," Hill said about the scene.

Riverside Village Mobile Home Park may have been the hardest hit, but it wasn't all Hill was dealing with Wednesday.

Trees knocked power lines down all over the district. Brush fires and vehicle accidents kept radio traffic and 911 operators busy .

"Everybody calls 911 for that and so they just kept coming in and coming in and coming in. So it was a real stretch for the amount of people we had. So we just called people in," Hill said.

Though his trailer is totaled, Tim Johnson considers himself one of the lucky ones.

When asked what he will do now, Johnson replied: "Umm... Good question. I don't know. We will figure it out. The only thing I am thankful for is that everybody is OK."

A relief station has been set up at Riverside High School. About 30 people stayed there Wednesday night.

Fire officials are asking people to stay out of the area if they can while crews work to clear hanging limbs and other dangerous trees.