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Stolen tablet returned after thieves upload selfies

Stolen tablet sending owner selfies

SPOKANE, Wash. - A computer tablet stolen during a north Spokane car prowling has been returned to its owner after the suspected thieves uploaded their own selfies to the owner's cloud.

Jeremy Yeado reported his Samsung Galaxy tablet stolen the day it disappeared but only recently did he notice the apparent thieves were taking selfies with it. Those pictures were automatically uploading to his Cloud account and the victim turned to Facebook to track down the tablet thieves.

Yeado says he was unloading his car after a trip to Seattle when someone took his suitcase out of the trunk.

"I had unloaded what was in the main part of the car, I went inside, talked with my roommate a little bit and within that time span my suitcase has disappeared," Yeado said.

The suspected thieves appear to be travelers themselves, as some selfies uploaded since his tablet was stolen were taken inside some sort of camper.

When Yeado put the pictures up on his Facebook account asking for help IDing the suspects more than a dozen people responded with helpful tips.

"I've had 500 plus shares of the photos, I've had multiple people contact me with names, I have birth dates, the full names, Facebook addresses and this was all within the first half hour," he said.

Spokane police say they received a call right after KXLY's story aired at 5 p.m. Monday that led them to Donald Mayberry. 

Mayberry led police to the stolen stuff. He was cited for possession of stolen property.