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State announces potential pot store locations in Spokane area

State announces potenital pot store locations in Spokane area

SPOKANE, Wash. - After months of waiting, we can finally see where the 18 marijuana retail stores could be located in Spokane County, though some research on the locations reveal some of them will never open.

The state is allowing eight stores in Spokane, three in Spokane Valley and seven more in other parts of Spokane County. Some of the locations that were approved are fake and yet people are still trying to get around the law.

One of the locations is at the intersection of Division and Mission. It's not known who the applicant is but it doesn't matter. The property manager said he won't allow a pot retail store in his building.

Another location is at 3422 North Division, which is also the location for Rosa's Pizza. No, Rosa's Pizza is not going anywhere, and no they aren't adding anything to the menu, either.

The liquor control board said applicants have to have a set location at this point in the process and those who don't will lose their opportunity.

Sam Calvert is planning to open Green Star Cannabis at 1403 N. Division which, coincidentally, is located right next to Pizza Pipeline.

"I was shocked. I had to read it three times just to make certain that the number they prescribed me, lucky number seven, wasn't actually … you're somewhere else on a list," Calvert said.

Calvert doesn't use marijuana but sees I-502 as an opportunity though finding a legitimate location was the hardest part.

"I looked at more than 40 different properties and you don't always have the opportunity to deal with landlords who are interested in this sort of venture," he said.

Another location on the list, Kouchlock Productions, could be the first pot store in the state to open. The owner is a good friend with Sean Green, the state's first licensed grower.

Green said Friday that Kouchlock Productions has exclusive rights to his first crop.

Retail stores are set to open in early July however, before they do, those retail store owners have to pass more background checks and walk throughs before they're awarded a license.

As for those locations that are fake? The liquor control board will reject those applications and then move down the list to find the next legitimate applicant and award them the retail license.