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STA looking for Sharpie wielding vandal

CHENEY, Wash. - STA officials are looking for the man who, armed with a Sharpie, vandalized a transit bus heading from Cheney to Spokane recently.

Cameras aboard an STA bus caught the suspect in the act and now police are looking for the indiscreet vandal. The suspect boarded his bus in Cheney for an early morning commute to Spokane, the old school notion about the back of the bus is the best place to misbehave no longer accurate.

Susan Meyer with STA said the suspect sat for a moment, then laid down as if he's going to take a nap all across the seats in the back, then, once the bus was outside of Cheney, he pulled out a giant Sharpie pen and went to work on the bus's interior.

"For the next 17 minutes he writes all over the back of the bus and on the windows and on the top and the sides of the seats and on the floor," Meyer said.

Once at the STA Plaza the suspect said 'See ya' to the driver, who then inspected the bus and found the damage.

STA vandalism

The suspect then laid down more graffiti at downtown businesses, but thanks to the bus's 10 cameras, police have a good chance at identifying him. STA officials said bus cameras are not sending out a live feed and the only audio recording they do on the buses are the conversations the driver has with his passengers.

STA officials plan to ban the vandal from their routes in the future, just not as long as they'd like, because STA is a public transportation system

"Not permanently, so I think the maximum exclusion we can impose is for about a year. But this man would be a candidate for exclusion from any of our buses or facilities," Meyer said.

Because the vandalized bus had to be put out of service the damage is greater than $500 which means the suspect will be charged with felony malicious mischief.