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Spokane's newest marijuana store opens

Spokane, wa - The newest pot store, Satori, opened their doors Friday and the owner hopes to contribute to the states high tax revenue.

Satori's owner, Justin Wilson, said so far things are running very smoothly. The store received their license in July, but waited to open their doors.  

"As much as we loved seeing last months huge rush and lines out the door, we wanted to be more friendly to our neighbors and not overwhelm the businesses around us," said Wilson.

By being in such close proximity to Spokane Greenleaf, he also wanted to be courteous to surrounding residents. Some of whom have voiced their dismay with the two operations. Wilson said he understands his business is controversial, he said the so-called bad crowed people think the store attracts, "Still probably buy on the black market and that's not our customer. I feel like we're attracting the right crowed, people who want to do the legal thing and enjoy our product that makes them happy," said Wilson.

By waiting a month, Wilson has also been able to make sure he has a steady supply.

"I think we accomplished that. We stalked up pretty good yesterday and we went through just a portion and we're confident we'll be open 7 days a week here on out.," said Wilson.

Wilson is hoping the consistent business hours mean consistent cash flow. Between the 18 stores selling pot in July, revenue amounted to $3.8 million, generating $1 million in sales tax.

Wilson is excited about the numbers, but hopes tax goes down so he is able to lower prices.

"25% right off he top, so we sell something for 20 bucks we get 15 of it and the state gets 5, there's a heavy tax burden that's for sure," said Wilson,

With the number of legal pot stores being relatively small, Wilson is excited to be a part of history. He's hoping this is just the beginning of a long time business.

"It's an emerging market and we're on the ground floor of it and we want to help it grow," said Wilson.