Zag fans scammed with fake tickets

SPOKANE, Wash. - Looking to be a part of Zag history several fans showed up to Saturday's game only to be told their tickets were fake, and police believe they have the man responsible for selling these fake tickets.

Police believe Nathan Hedrick, 23, may have been selling fake tickets since Feb. 20. According to police, Hedrick found a person on Craigslist who wanted Gonzaga basketball tickets and met them at a gas station where he sold them two tickets for $110.

"They soon learned that they purchased tickets for seats that didn't even exist," Spokane Police Detective Doug Orr said.

The university athletics and tickets department informed police that a similar situation had just occurred and a vehicle description lead police to Hedrick.

Fake Zag tix vo

"[We] had a conversation with him and learned that these tickets had been manufactured in the common area of the apartment complex," Orr said.

Police said they have surveillance video of him making the tickets. Court records also show that Hedrick told police that he was an addict and had to come up with scams to support his habit..

"Our information leads us to believe that Mr. Hedrick has been doing this since the 20th, so there may be additional victims from the San Diego game, so we are urging everybody who has been a victim to call Crime Check and report it," Orr said.

While the Zags went on to make school history, scammed fans had to sit the game out. Gonzaga wasn't uncompassionate about their plight, however.

"To show you what a partner in the community they are, they actually felt sorry for these people and the first set of victims I think they were even able to accommodate them and give them seats that weren't already taken. Others were turned away and it was quite embarrassing," Orr said.

Hedrick made his first appearance in court Monday afternoon and is facing one count of forgery but those counts could increase if more victims turn up. Prosecutors originally asked for his bond to be set at $20,000 but a judge released him on his own recognizance. He'll back in court later this month.