Young woman on life support, family seeks blood donations

SPOKANE, Wash. - Young woman on life support, family seeks blood donations

A Spokane woman who just gave birth to a baby boy is fighting for her life. Just four days after delivering Kasen Krom, 25-year-old Stephanie Walker-Krom underwent open heart surgery and is now on life support.

Walker-Krom delivered Kasen on August 25th. Stephanie took baby Kasen home and everything was fine. But a few days later, Stephanie complained of chest pains.

She went to urgent care and was then rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with a rupture in her aorta. Stephanie immediately went into surgery where doctors worked on her for 22 hours.

It's amazing Stephanie has survived and has made it this far. She's at Sacred Heart Hospital now fighting for her life but there's still a long way to go. Stephanie has another surgery this week and ultimately, needs a new heart.

During her time in the hospital, she's received dozens of pints of blood. Blood that has helped her stay alive.

"I mean you just never know. This is tragic, unexpected and because people have donated. I believe it's where she is at," Stephanie's mother, Michelle Barber, said.

Michelle wants people to roll up their sleeves and give the gift of life. You can donate blood at the Inland Northwest Blood Center in Stephanie's name.

It doesn't matter your blood type but if you donate, Stephanie will get a $15 credit toward her hospital bill.

Even if the blood doesn't directly help Stephanie, her family knows there are many other people that need blood and remember, one pint saves three lives.