WWII vet murder suspects targeted by Aryan Brotherhood

SPOKANE, Wash. - Aryan brotherhood targets belton suspects

Two Spokane teens accused of beating WWII vet Delbert Belton to death were allegedly targeted by the white supremacist group Aryan Brotherhood after their arrests.

Belton was beaten and left for dead inside his car in the Eagles Club parking lot in north Spokane. Police say two teens, Kenan Adams Kinard and Demetrius Glenn, tried to rob the 88-year-old.

Those teens are being held in the juvenile detention center but, days after their arrest, they were moved to the Spokane County Jail. The transfer was ordered by District Court Judge Debra Hayes and seemed contrary to the way juvenile offenders are usually housed.

The reason why she made the decision was because, according to court documents, she heard from the jail staff the Aryan Brotherhood had reportedly offered a bounty to anyone who could kill the defendants, who are obviously African-American.

The jail staff later figured out a way to avoid the exposure they faced when being transported from juvenile detention to court and the teen suspects were transferred back here to the juvenile detention center where they remain in custody.