WSU opening new store in downtown Spokane

WSU opening new store in downtown Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Washington State University is opening a new store right in the heart of Downtown Spokane and WSU Assistant Athletic Director Devon Thomas said the new store will give Spokane's Cougar fans an even bigger role in the university's athletics program.

"Spokane is vital to what we want to do, meaning WSU in general, but specifically athletics to what we need to be successful," said Thomas.

The store will offer everything from apparel, ticket sales to Cougar Gold Cheese. Thomas said it is a one stop shop for alumni and fans alike.

"We're going to cater to all Cougs, and a Coug doesn't necessarily mean you went to school at WSU," said Thomas,

Thomas said those Cougars are really stepping up for WSU football this season.

"Right now season ticket sales are up over 1,200 over last year," said Thomas.

More specifically, The Apple Cup and the Oregon game have less than 2,000 available tickets. Thomas said Spokane's a big part of the success.

"Folks especially in this Spokane community are going after these tickets and they want to see all the changes, I mean this store is just one of the changes that have come online in the last 12 months," said Thomas.

There is no set date for the stores opening but Thomas said they are hoping sometime before the first football game. The store is located on the Northeast corner of N. Wall St. and W. Riverside Ave.