Working 4 you: Summer travel saving

Working 4 you: Summer travel saving

SPOKANE, Wash. - Despite a recent uptick in gas prices, 41 million Americans are expected to make a getaway for the Fourth of July weekend. 

The Fourth of July falls on a Friday this year, making it a three-day weekend. But for many people a three-day weekend is not enough.

Data from travel website Orbitz finds travelers are stretching their weekend to four days. Thursday is the busiest and most expensive day to fly. Orbitz says travel on the fourth should be about 30 percent less than on the third. 

But that also means the demand is driving up prices for the weekend, including for gas. 

AAA says about 80 percent of travelers will travel by car, despite the highest gas prices for the weekend since 2008.

But if you're looking to get away without spending your entire saving, self-proclaimed travel hacker Bryce Conway has some advice. 

First, he says to claim your points or miles on your credit card. Check your rewards programs to see if you can cash out any points or miles for the trip, which can add up to fast savings for your next vacation. 

Also, consider using a ride-share service instead of renting a car. This will help you save money by avoiding rental fees, parking charges and paying for gas. 

Similarly, Conway suggests using hotel alternatives. Insteady of booking a hotel room, look at websites like Airbnb or even Craigslist for someone renting out a vacation spot. 

Finally, if you aren't getting away this weekend, but want to take a vacation soon, Orbitz says it may be worth it to wait. Travel costs typically go down in August when children head back to school.